Synopsis They Shot The Piano Player

"They Shot The Piano Player" is a French film directed by Fernando Trueba. The story follows a skillful piano player named Edouard Saroyan, who used to be a famous classical pianist. However, after a tragic event in his personal life, Edouard decides to give up his successful career and instead starts playing in a rundown bar under the name "Charlie Kohler".

One night, Edouard's estranged brother shows up at the bar, pursued by a group of gangsters. As Edouard tries to protect his brother, he becomes entangled in a web of danger and secrets. The film blends elements of film noir with dark comedy, as Edouard navigates through the criminal underworld.

As the story unfolds, the audience gets glimpses into Edouard's past through a series of flashbacks. Secrets from his former life as a pianist start to surface, raising questions about his motivations for giving up his career. The film also delves into Edouard's complicated relationships with different women, including his ex-wife, his current girlfriend, and a mysterious woman who gets involved in the chaos.

"They Shot The Piano Player" is a character-driven film that explores themes of redemption, loss, and identity. It showcases Trueba's unique directorial style, combining humor and suspense to create an engaging and emotionally charged story.

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